Which Fume Extraction System do I need?

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Purex provides solutions for most fume extraction requirements and covers the removal of harmful chemicals and particles. The tupe of filtration that you need will depend on the nature of the process and the amount that you need to remove. For a simple hand soldering process you need to first look at your application and decide which method is best for both removing the fumes and maintaining usability of the soldering process. You may decide that a tube on the end of each soldering iron is appropriate to remove and fumes or you may decide that pulling a lot of air away from the process towards the rear may be correct. This will probably depend on how much fumes the process is creating, the size of the workspace and the capability to connect the suction nozzle.

If you decide to have a nozzle on each soldering iron you will probably need a system that controls the vacuum. This means that you will be able to maintain the flow rate through each nozzle as some others are turned off and on. If you decide on a larger extraction tube or cowl you will probably require a volume controlled system so that you can ensure that sufficient are is being removed.

Having decided on that you will need to know how many workstations you want to connect to each filter station and the level of filtration that oyu need. This can be selected by looking at the table of system and filter sizes on the machine selector guide.

If you are planning to connect an reflow over or flow soldering station then you will need to look at the placement of the filter in the factory, then number of outlets that you have on your oven and the requirement for heat recovery withing the building. The Purex systems can provide all of this and give you warnings when the process is not functioning correctly.

The quickest and best way to get the correct result is to have one of our team call in and draw up a plan for you.

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Purex offers an extensive range of fume extraction solutions. These range from machines to protect a single person to powerful centralised systems to cater for multiple users or high volume continuous automated processes (e.g. a PCB production line). Please browse our products by system (right hand menu) or find out which fume extractor you need for your application here.

Digital Systems

Purex fume extractors with the Digital Control System offer both the performance and inbuilt safety features to help ensure people are protected from hazardous fumes. The status of the system is shown on a clear graphic display which is simple to use and easy to understand.

Digital fume extractor fascia

Grahic display

Analogue Systems

A budget version of the Digital system but with many excellent features. This system is supplied on the FumeCube, FumeBuster, Alpha and Xbase fume extractors.

Fume extractor fascia and controls