What’s on at Productronica

This year we have three main companies present at Productronica; Nordson YESTECH, ABI Electronics and KwikTic.


Yestech will be on the Nordson Test and Inspection Group booth A2 461 and will be demonstrating their top end in line AOI system with full RGB solder and part analysis with extended 3D and being presented for the first time is the 940 Ultra system with full continuous 3D analysis and Yestech’s unique shadowless inspection technology.


ABI Electronics, on booth A1 471, will be presenting their entire range of instruments and fault finding equipment. chiefly amongst these will be their latest release of the MIS4. The MIS4 is a multi instrument containing scope, ARB and DVM and is supplied with software to set up test flows.


KwikTic, on booth A2 539, will be showing their shop floor management software and how it takes your production from component input to product shipment and then controls all of the quality data too.


If you are planning a visit to Productronica please be sure to visit on on any of these booths. If you need an entry ticket just let us know and we will arrange it.

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