Stock Control

TalliScan – The fastest way to count parts

For manufacturers with small parts inventory, we have developed the fastest stocktaking and counting system available on the market today.

Your business probably carries hundreds, or thousands, of individual parts inventory held in your stores warehouse.  Every day, stock picking and counting hundreds of loose orbagged items ready for the assembly line is an essential, yet time consuming activity. Every week, every month, or every year you lose valuable timestocktaking and counting those same parts to verify against your MRP system.

Whether your inventory is organised into parts bins like these, or individually packaged in cardboard boxes, you will benefit from our time saving stock counting solution. If you are still counting out parts by hand you are losing valuable time.Even if you are already using industrial counting scales, our solution will increase your productivity. Our wireless precision scales linked to a rugged AndroidTM handset provides the fastest counting solution on the market. The rear camera of the handset scans the unique code on the parts bin, which is then placed on the scale.  The handset rapidly calculates the parts count by weight and records each count, displaying current and previous counts on the screen.  The parts bin can be returned immediately to its shelf.

Typical count operation from first scan through to returning the bin to its shelf takes less than 15 seconds. If this sounds too good to be true, watch our demonstration video.