Statistical Process Control (SPC)

VuData, The Statistical Process Analyser from Cupio

As a user of Nordson Yestech AOI systems it is possible that you are not maximising your inspection system’s full potential and are letting valuable production data go to waste. VuData is exactly what you’re looking for.
Why use the VuData Statistical Process Analyser?
There are many ways that this networked software tool can improve your current data handling, reporting structure and line feedback.

Here are just some of the ways VuData can help you:

• VuData allows you to generate detailed reports and live charts on your production process
• The powerful database interface gives you direct access to every statistic you need
• Email alerts can be programmed to keep you informed wherever you are
• Detailed charts provide real time statistical information
• There are multiple ways to export data allowing you to easily share information with those who need it

The VuData Statistical Process Analyser is the essential tool if you need to get quality reports to your customers. It seamlessly integrates into most in-house data handling processes and Cupio staff are on hand if there is something custom that you require.