RE-8500 Desolder / ReworkStation

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BGA Rework station RE-8500 is one of the most powerful machines inBuy on line the BGA rework field as it has many important and advanced features that help the user to get the best performance in an easy way. RE-8500 BGA Rework station is provided with infrared ceramic heaters & wide lower heater very convenient for big sizes of P CBs.

RE-8500 has three lower heaters with power of 3000 watt and one upper heater, the upper heater and the lower heaters heat directly towards the BGA chip to make sure the chip get enough heat, so that it can reach its melting point and be soldered well. The machine is Equipped with many types of reflectors for focusing and spotting the upper heater heating area.

The machine has five channels thermocouple for real time temperature reading, therefore you can easily monitor heat distribution on PCB by drawing thermocouples reading on different five positions in a real time. You can also create or edit and save profiles in addition to process and profile analyzer for complete process study and control.

BGA rework station RE-8500 uses the dark medium infra red technology for lead free soldering and desoldering of any PCB component. The machine provided with laser pointer for accurate positioning during the Rework process.

BGA Rework station Re-8500 is also provided with Alarm set point to increase the process safety and control.It is compatible for the lead free and leaded soldering. It provides the safe heating for all kinds of components like SMD, BGA, CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA and all epoxy non-defiled μBGA etc.

The control unit is on the side of the heating area and not under the preheater, this will keep the PCB cool and give the user the chance to use the machine longer without worrying about overheating PCB .The control unit equipped with outer cooling fan for the refrigeration phase with rate of 30C to 60C .

In addition to all these features , Re-8500 comes with Dynamic X-Y PCB holder with movable axis to suit different PCBs’ shapes and sizes. Its Vacuum pick-up tool has lifting force up to

00gm weight. Likewise Re-8500 has Password data protection and settings lock !

BGA Rework station Re-8500 is considered the best choice that enables you to make your process of rework & Reballing in an efficient and easy way.

Like all our products RE-8500 is CE certified.

Software Features:

BGA Rework station RE-8500 is one of the machines that you can merely get familiar with, it has user friendly software “Jovy ® PC Suite” with Multi-lingual interface, All Windows multi lingual OS, Fast USB 2.0 connection and Superior Profiling Option:

Profiles Creation: where the user can create standard profiles or free mode profiles then download it to RE-8500 BGA Rework station memory or save it on PC.
Profiles Editing: user can load any saved profile on PC and edit its parameters.
Profile manager mode: user will be able to import, edit, delete and save the profiles saved on RE-8500 memory could be re-download it to RE-8500.

* Processes:
(1)  Run manual processes or pre-saved Profile process.
(2) Monitoring heat distribution on PCB by drawing thermo-couples reading on different five positions in a real time.
(3) Do analysis on run process thermo-couples reading in real time.
(4) Save unlimited number of run process graphs and data (thermo-couples reading) files.
* Upgrade RE-8500 firmware through Software through USB 2.0 connection.
* Full Control of all RE-8500 peripherals like fan, pump and laser.
* Support Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature unit standards.
* DuringOffline mode: Can create profiles and analyze run process data files without connecting RE-8500

Technical Specifications of Re-8500:

Dimensions L x W x H 520mm x 600mm x 310mm

Working depth

220 mm

Power supply

230 V AC, 50/60 Hz,16 A

Installed heating power

Total 3600 Watt. Upper heater power is 600W & Lower heaters power are 3000W

Upper heater size

60mm x 120 mm one zone

Bottom heater size

340mm x 280mm ,2 separate heating zone

Distance of Upper heater to PCB

Standard is 60 mm , range from 30mm to 80mm

Distance of Lower heater to PCB

35 mm

Temperature sensor channels

5 x k-type thermocouple (potential free) 2 main and 3 optional

Maximum component size PL

120mm x 60 mm


via PC with Jovy control room USB 2.0

Operating Systems

Windows XP® or Windows Vista® Windows7®


Field of application:

* Laptop and mother boards rework and repair.
* Game consoles applications rework and repair.
* Small and medium size electronics assembly factories.
* Military sophisticated applications rework and repair.
* Medical equipment applications rework and repair.
* Automotive applications rework and repair.
* Light systems and LED applications.
* Home appliance and personal Gadgets applications rework and repair.
* Networking and communication applications rework, repair and assembly.
* Power supply and control PCB applications rework, repair and assembly.

Components type:

* BGA on Flex printed circuit.
* PTH connectors, card slots and sockets.
* Metal components housing.
* Micro lead frame.
* PBGA with heat sink.
* Processor plastic sockets.
* Metal Shielding.
* CSP and fine pitches BGA.
* Plastic PLCC.
* Through hole sockets.
* Heavy Mass CCGA & CBGA.
* Underfill or epoxy coated components.
* QFN, VQFN and advanced design QFN.
* Package over package (POP).

Packing list of RE-8500:

* RE-8500 machine.
* X-Y Table set.
* Upper heater Reflector set (4 types).
* Fan guide cover.
* 2 thermocouples.
* USB Cable.
* Pump set (pump tube+ pump pen +5 nozzles).
* Power cable.
* Lubricant Grease.
* 3 Allen Key.v * 5 Fuses.
* 7 screws.v * User manual & CD.

RE-8500 Warranty:

1 year applied from date of purchase with lifetime full application & technical support.


Download the full Jovy brochure here