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Jovy Systems RE-7500 is the latest BGA Rework Station using the dark Buy on linemedium infrared technology for toughlead free soldering and desoldering of any PCB components.

This BGA Rework Station enjoys most advanced German infrared heaters with more than 100000 working hours and 3 years in average , it has been assembled in China and USA professional design, Body and components are built from high quality materials that guaranty long life durability and user safely.

Upper heater, two states showed as reflow and fast reflow. Height of upper heater in different level from 1 to 7 provides different heat image, which could free adjust, meanwhile, should be proper chosen according to the target heat area and the application as well.

Lower heater, it places its role not only as the main heater with 600W but also as the pre-heater while we positioning the PCB on the X-Y table, user should realize the importance of this step as the guard glass will absorb some heat energy and then re-transmit it to the target heat area.

RE-7500 can remove the plastic components without any damage and without disturbing any nearby components through accurate and timely transfer of heat energy to the precise location.

BGA Rework Station RE-7500 comes complete with a precision X-Y Table which is equipped with the machine in free portable movement design for unlimited usages, where it utilizes ultra-precise positioning with a larger amounting area. Therefore, the PCB can be positioned accurately.

It comes along with an on-board pre-heater, a built-in air pick, laser sighting, with digital monitoring and a built-in cooling system fitted in advanced mechanical design to provide safe indirect cooling source for reworked applications.

Re-7500 Thermocouple provides the real time temperature reading during the whole process while its proper positioned near the target area. Here user can set the alarm point of the Re-7500 in a certain temperature from 20 degree to 400 degree with tolerance if +/-20 c.

Additionally, Re-7500 pick-up tool makes the component removal very safe with complete control, whatever the component temperature is.

Three Operating modes are incorporated in Jovy Systems Re-7500: manual mode, software control mode and process stages profiling mode.

The BGA Rework Station can be connected to a laptop or pc, this interface incorporates user-created and edited profiles which have been uploaded to the BGA rework station from the computer, which means easy & user friendly operation via automatic & manual pc modes.

Implementing effective infrared technology for tough profiles with the RE-7500 is achieved by using the Free PC software (RE-7500 Control Panel. There you can set your required profile parameters according to the nature of target PCB and application. Also, it’s recommended to do some trials on a test PCB at first, so you get the sense of profiles performance on our RE-7500. Then, you can adapt the results to be applied to a real PCB to be repaired.

Moreover, the profiling way of Re-7500 enables you to adjust all phases of the rework processes, including pre-heating, soaking, reflow and cooling stages manual or automatic.

For all of these factors it is considered optimal BGA rework station and make this Re-7500 ready for sophisticated future technologies in IC packages and soldering alloys designs and materials.

RE-7500 is CE certified

Software Features of Re-7500:

The software for Jovy Systems RE-7500 Infrared BGA Rework Station is developed to enable the user to monitor and control all features and processes. The information between the soldering station and user’s PC is transferred via USB interface.

The software also supports the following features:

* Real time PCB temperature monitoring
* Switching between temperature measuring modes (°C / °F).
* Complete process graph saving, printing & archiving.
* User profile creation and uploading.
* Upload and adjust machine settings (sleep mode, alarm sound, etc.
* Monitoring the temperature readings of the process in a real time.
* Adjustable alarm temperature set point.
* Three built in profiles restored in the machine.
* Adjust safety threshold temperature set point.
* Complete control of machine mode and both heaters modes in each stage of the profile.
* User message could be created for each profile stage.
* Saving unlimited number of run process graphs for user analysis and process development.

Technical Specifications of Re-7500:


Top heater power

300 W

Preheater power

600 W

Preheating area, mm

140 × 140


220 V


50/60 Hz

Max board siz, mm

350 × 450


RE-7500 Packing List:

1 Re-7500 machine.
2 X-Y Table set.
3 Upper heater reflectors set.
4 PCB holders set.
5 1 Thermo-Couple.
6 USB cable .
7 Pump set (pump tube+ pump pen+ 5 nozzles
8 Power cable.
9 2 Reflective tape.
10 Allen key with 3 screws.
11 2 fuse (3A
12 User Manual.
13 Start up guide in 6 languages, CD visual manual.

Fields of applications:

* Mobile and radio systems devices
* Cellular phones, PDAs, handhelds,
* Personal gadgets
* Televisions & satellites
* Medical equipment
* Small PCB’s assemblies
* Military &Aerospace electronics
* Car electronic mother boards
* Different types of printed circuit boards materials (FR2, FR4 , FR8 ,CR1 …etc. with multi – layers
* Different type of components and IC packages PTH, CSP, FCBGA, micro-BGA, CCGA, CBGA, QFP, QFN …etc.
* Different types of soldering material alloys Sn/Pb, SAC305, SAC307 …etc.
* Different printed circuit board dimensions up to 300mm x 300mm.

Re-7500 Warranty:

1 Year applied from date of purchase with lifetime full application & technical support

Download the RE-7500 user manual here

Download the full Jovy brochure here