Quadra 5

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Quadra 5

The Quadra 5, like all of the Nordson Dage range of MXI, is designed specifically for use in electronics inspection.

No compromise is made in the image quality, product handling, reliability and, of course, safety.

Download the Quadra 5 Spec Sheet

Key features:

< 0.35µm (350nm) Feature Recognition up to 10 W Tube power Quadra 5 white angled
Aspire FP™ 3 MP @ 25fps with 50µm pixel pitch
Total Magnification 45,000 X
24″ Full HD WUXGA 1920 x 1200 Primary LED monitor
70° Oblique Views Without Loss of Magnification
AχiS – Active X-ray Image Stabilisation
Automatic inspection routines as standard, including QFN, BGA, Pad, Wire sweep
Ready for optional extras such as µCT and X-Plane®  for virtual slicing without the need to cut  the board
With industry leading core technology, Quadra 5 offers high performance and ease of use for 2D and 3D X-ray applications. 0.35 µm feature recognition up to 10 W of power (optional 20 W) makes the Quadra 5 the leading choice for printed  circuit board and semiconductor package inspection.

Quadra™ 5 offers sub-micron resolution, reliability and  performance helping users produce premium high quality products.  Additionally our in-house sealed transmissive tube offers greater throughput with continuous service as there is no need for regular filament changes.

A wide choice of options to help tailor the system to specific application requirements.

Quadra 5 Page Image