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Quadra 3

The Quadra 3, like all of the Nordson Dage range of MXI, is your partner for high-quality X-ray inspection for production line quality control.

It is an exceptional tool for screening quality defects in electronics production.

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Key features:

< 0.95µm (950nm) Feature Recognition up to 10W power QuadraNT™ X-ray Tube
Total Magnification 7,500 X
Single 24″ Quadra 3 250x200WUXGA 1920 x 1200 monitor
2 x 70° Oblique Angle View – no sample rotation required
Automatic inspection routines as standard, including QFN, BGA, IGBT.
Ready for optional extras such as X-Plane®  for virtual slicing without the need to cut  the board and Visualisation for X-Plane®
With industry leading core technology, Quadra 3 offers high performance and ease of use for 2D and 3D X-ray applications. 0.95 µm feature recognition up to 10 W of power makes the Quadra 3 the leading choice for screening quality defects in printed circuit board and semiconductor electronics production.

Quadra™ 3 offers clear, easy to interpret images for fast defect detection thanks to Quadra’s unique double oblique axis geometry without having to rotate the sample. Additionally our in-house sealed transmissive tube offers greater throughput with continuous service as there is no need for regular filament changes.

A wide choice of options to help tailor the system to specific application requirements.

Quadra 3