• How new technology has increased AOI’s value to SME CEMs

    Worthing based Wildtrax Electronics offers a flexible CEM service to its customers, with an ability to rapidly produce small production runs of sometimes highly specialised PCBs. During over fifteen years’ operation, they have witnessed a steady evolution in board complexity and, thankfully, a corresponding evolution in Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) technology. Andy Bonner of inspection […]

  • Why Automated Optical Inspection offers particular benefits to small electronics production environments

    Control system manufacturer Stonegate Instruments has found that their recently installed Automated Optical Inspection system gave the inspection flexibility essential to small, responsive production operations – and some added benefits besides. The immediate benefits of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) are by now well known within the electronics manufacturing community. AOI can achieve a throughput, consistency […]

  • Ensuring AOI success in a CEM operation

    With Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), achieving all the benefits isn’t just about buying the machine; best results come from careful integration of the AOI function into the manufacturing process. This article looks at how CEM manufacturer Skilcom, with careful planning backed by advice, training and support from AOI supplier Cupio, realised the potential of their […]

  • AOI: The best QA tool for highly responsive electronics production

    Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) has long been promoted as the right QA solution for fast moving, highly responsive electronics production environments. This article looks at how AOI technology has evolved to deliver on this promise. Electronics manufacturers are naturally expected to deliver quality assured products, free of defects or returns issues. However they are also […]

  • AOI Comes of Age

    Around ten years ago, Automated Optical Inspection, or AOI, promised a breakthrough in quality management to electronics manufacturers, with great improvements in throughput and accuracy over manual inspection. However take-up was slow and the revolution didn’t happen. More recently however, manufacturers have been buying in AOI and they appear pleased with the results. Andy Bonner […]

  • A flexible CEM solution for extreme environment product manufacturing

    Manufacturers supplying high volume electronics products for commercial or retail customers enjoy a wide choice of competitive CEM suppliers, both locally and offshore. However those supplying specialist equipment into extreme environment applications where production runs are short, variations are many and product reliability is absolutely critical have a far more limited choice. Livingston-based CB Technology […]

  • Quality – essential for growth

    For some time the drive for ever cheaper offshore manufacture has threatened contract electronics manufacture (CEM) in the UK, but now there is a sustained fight back with local suppliers providing service, support and products of a quality difficult to source from overseas.  One company achieving this and expanding on its success is Camtronics Vale, […]

  • European investment pays dividends for YESTECH’s AOI installation success and business growth

    Automated optical inspection (AOI) can rapidly improve electronics manufacturers’ faultfinding rate and process quality. While advances in AOI technology have steadily increased this potential for improvement, support from the AOI supplier is essential to realise it with minimum disruption and cost to the user. By recognising this need, and investing significantly to satisfy it, YESTECH […]

  • Yestech-Europa auf der Productronica: Neue Technologien, erweiterter Service und neue Möglichkeiten

    Die Productronica in diesem Jahr in München war mehr als erfolgreich für Yestech-Europa. Nachdem Yestech in den vergangenen Wochen die Präsenz in Deutschland in Bezug auf Vertrieb und Support verstärkt hatte, nutzte Yestech die Gelegenheit auf der Productroica neue signifikante Produkte sowohl für den Bereich AOI als auch für AXI vorzustellen. Diese Kombination von neuer […]