• m501_smallshot

    Telephone Test

        PC based test solution for wireline and cordless (POTS) manufacturers. High speed, repeatable and accurate test results allow each manufacturer to be tested according to the specified requirements. The Model 501 Telephone Test System is a complete testing solution for measuring the electrical and acoustical properties of a telephone in Production Line and […]

  • VuData dynamic Charting

    Unlocking the True Potential of your Nordson YESTECH AOI or AXI System.

    (Download here ) Whereas an AOI system allows operators to isolate faulty PCBs as they leave the production line, Cupio’s VuData statistical process analyser software acts on AOI-generated databases to provide a bigger picture – giving operators and line management visibility of a process’s underlying trends and an opportunity to make corrections and improvements. In this […]

  • RevEng 1

    Reverse Engineering

    RevEng offers an effective method of creating professional quality circuit diagrams from a sample board. The RevEng system comprises a PC controlled continuity measuring hardware system, RevWin control software and EdWin, a fully featured CAD package. RevEng learns the connectivity of a sample circuit then produces a NetList (a list of the components and connections). […]

  • SENTRY 1

    Counterfeit Part Detection (SENTRY)

    The ABI SENTRY is a unique solution for the quick and easy detection of Counterfeit ICs and components. ABI Electronics has over 27 years of experience in the field of Test & Measurement equipment as well as Contract Electronics Manufacturing. Knowledge of both industries has allowed ABI to design this product around two main concepts: […]

  • Xi3400

    3D In-Line Tomosynthesis X-Ray

      Nordson DAGE’s versatile Xi3400 Automated X-ray Inspection System (AXI) offers complete inspection of solder joints and other critical hidden features found in electronic assemblies, PCBs and packaged semiconductors. Ideal for in-line or off-line operation, the Xi3400’s innovative algorithms enable fast and reliable automated inspection and real-time monitoring of critical process information. By leveraging the […]

  • Automated Inspection

    FX 940 In Line AOI

      Megapixel color imaging Capture on the fly technology 1 top-down & 4 side angle cameras Quick set-up High speed High defect coverage / low false failure rate Optional 3D inspection  Nordson YESTECH’s advanced 9 megapixel color camera imaging technology offers high-speed PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage. With one top down viewing camera and four […]

  • BM8000 PLUS

    Boardmaster 8000

    The ABI BoardMaster 8000 PLUS universal diagnostic system is a uniquely versatile, self-contained and easy-to-use test system. It offers the most comprehensive set of test instruments for fault-finding on almost any kind of PCB. With the full range of instruments and a variety of test methods guaranteeing the best possible fault coverage, the BoardMaster 8000 […]

  • Stock Control


    TalliScan – The fastest way to count parts For manufacturers with small parts inventory, we have developed the fastest stocktaking and counting system available on the market today. Your business probably carries hundreds, or thousands, of individual parts inventory held in your stores warehouse.  Every day, stock picking and counting hundreds of loose orbagged items ready for the assembly line is […]

  • BGA Rework station Jetronix-Eco

    Save your Money, invest you your rework Time Jetronix-Eco BGA Rework Station is introduced by Jovy Systems as the first product in the Jovy Systems’ Economic Rework stations line. Now the price is not obstacle at your way to buy top quality BGA rework station.  •Jovy Systems Jetronix-Ecois a reliable semi-automatic infrared BGA rework system […]

  • RE-7500

    RE-7500 Desolder / Rework Station

    Jovy Systems RE-7500 is the latest BGA Rework Station using the dark medium infrared technology for toughlead free soldering and desoldering of any PCB components. This BGA Rework Station enjoys most advanced German infrared heaters with more than 100000 working hours and 3 years in average , it has been assembled in China and USA […]

  • 8500

    RE-8500 Desolder / ReworkStation

    BGA Rework station RE-8500 is one of the most powerful machines in the BGA rework field as it has many important and advanced features that help the user to get the best performance in an easy way. RE-8500 BGA Rework station is provided with infrared ceramic heaters & wide lower heater very convenient for big […]