• Dual Awards for the Dual-sided Automated Optical Inspection System from Nordson YESTECH!

    Nordson YESTECH, leading supplier of automated optical and conformal coat inspection systems for the electronics industry, announces that it was recognized with two awards for its FX-942 Dual-sided Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system.  The awards were presented during Nepcon China, the prestigious global exhibition on SMT (surface mount technology) and EMA (electronics manufacturing automation) that brings […]

  • Quadra 3 250x200

    Quadra 3

    The Quadra 3, like all of the Nordson Dage range of MXI, is your partner for high-quality X-ray inspection for production line quality control. It is an exceptional tool for screening quality defects in electronics production. Download the Quadra 3 Spec Sheet Key features: < 0.95µm (950nm) Feature Recognition up to 10W power QuadraNT™ X-ray Tube […]

  • Cupio upgraded to ISO 9001:2015

    Following our transition to the new standard last October, Cupio has been audited for ISO 9001:2015 this month and is now registered as compliant to the standard. ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for the quality management of businesses. The aim of ISO 9001 is to give improved product, process and service quality within an […]

  • Nordson DAGE release the Quadra™ 3 for maintenance free PCBA inspection

    Nordson DAGE, a division of Nordson Corporation, and the leader in X-ray inspection for electronics, welcomes a new member to its family of award-winning X-ray inspection systems. Quadra™ 3 is specifically designed for high-quality X-ray inspection in PCBA production applications. Until today, performing X-ray inspection at 0.95µm resolution could only be achieved using an open […]

  • IMG_6944

    Ben Seviour Wins Nordson Dage Award!

    Cupio employee, Ben Seviour was the recent recipient of this years Service Engineer Award 2017, presented at the Annual Nordson Sales Training event in Portugal. The award is presented in recognition of high levels of service engineering support. Andy Bonner, Cupio Managing Director comments, “This is a great reflection of the hard work and dedication […]

  • FX-940_NYT_10-15F_W

    Double Sided Inspection FX 942

    The Nordson YESTECH FX 942 is specifically designed to cope with post wave or selective solder issues. With a full inspection capability on both the top and bottom sides the 942 can simultaneously inspect for components on the top side and solder joints on the bottom. Download the FX 942 Data Sheet   Features: • […]

  • Quadra 5 white angled

    Quadra 5

    The Quadra 5, like all of the Nordson Dage range of MXI, is designed specifically for use in electronics inspection. No compromise is made in the image quality, product handling, reliability and, of course, safety. Download the Quadra 5 Spec Sheet Key features: < 0.35µm (350nm) Feature Recognition up to 10 W Tube power  Aspire […]

  • Quadra 7 operator sitting white

    Quadra 7

    The most advanced electronics assembly X-Ray imaging system available. See why our customers think so. Download the Quadra 7 data sheet. Key features: < 0.1µm (100nm) Feature Recognition up to 10 W Tube power < 0.3µm (300nm) Feature Recognition up to 20 W Tube power Aspire FP™ 6.7 MP @ 30fps with 50µm pixel pitch. […]

  • M1SeriesNYTB

    M1m Microelectronic AOI

      Download the M1m datasheet. The M1m offers high-speed microelectronic device inspection with exceptional defect coverage. With 5 micron pixel resolution and telecentric optics, the M1m provides complete inspection, all within a footprint less than 1 sq. meter. Automated Optical Inspection for Microelectronics Megapixel color imaging High magnification top-down viewing camera Quick set-up High speed […]

  • digital-anim

    Which Fume Extraction System do I need?

    Purex provides solutions for most fume extraction requirements and covers the removal of harmful chemicals and particles. The tupe of filtration that you need will depend on the nature of the process and the amount that you need to remove. For a simple hand soldering process you need to first look at your application and […]