Bluiris First Article Inspection (FAI)

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Powerful First Article Inspection System ( FAI) offering unparalleled automated manufacturing verification test and reporting capabilities.

The BLUIRIS FAI-600 First Article Inspection System quickly and accurately verifies First Article Samples. Using advanced optical and computing techniques, the FAI-600 measures properties of an initial sample against the specifications from the BOM and CAD data. Tests conducted include checking whether a correct component has been used, whether a component is in the defined location and whether a component is positioned accurately. The values of components such as resistors, capacitors and inductors can be checked and verified using a built-in LCR meter if required. The system can eliminate most errors that would be missed during manual inspection and in a much faster time than can be achieved by manual methods. The check results are provided in a detailed report covering all parts that have been checked and how they were accepted (automatically or manually).


Download the FAI600 presentation.


Scan image for the inspecting board


Download theFAI-600 datasheet.

The following video shows the Bluiris FAI system running in AOI mode where it can auto check for correct component / orientation placement. This video is shown running on the Chinese language version. Other languages are selectable.






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