BGA Rework station Jetronix-Eco

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Jetronix-Eco BGA Rework Station is introduced by Jovy Systems as the first product in the Jovy Systems’ Economic Rework stations line.
Now the price is not obstacle at your way to buy top quality BGA rework station.

  •  Jovy Systems Jetronix-Ecois a reliable semi-automatic infrared BGA rework system with a ceramic heatrs,independent PID   control  and PC synchronization. It is using dark medium infrared technology for lead free PCB component soldering and   desoldering.
  •  Main advantage of the infrared technology is that is provides uniform distribution of heat energy toward the object. Its guarantee   reflow efficiency to the target without harm for the neighbor components, specially the adjacent and sensitive components .
  •  It is powerful BGA Rework station. Its Ceramic heating elements are resistant to mechanical influences.The heating power of   Jetronix-Eco’sheaters is equal to 3200 W; 600 watt upper heater and 2800 watt lower heaters.
  •  Upper heater can move Up/Down, In/Out and rotate 180° which provides Close loop heating environment.
  •  The large preheating area up to (245 × 245 mm) and consists of 5 heaters .
  •  This Separate preheating stage is ideal for uniforming preheats .
  •  Cross-Flow cooling fan directed above the lower heaters level and under the PCB level to provide cooling air carpet without   direct  effect to the PCB or the Process .
  •  In addition of the low cost our new BGA rework station, Jetronix-eco can boast of its built-in Dynamic adjustable X/ Y table that     complies any PCB shapes. With this X-Y table there is no need for side small PCB holders as it comes with 8 PCB Clamps to   tighten the PCB over the holder .Moreover the package includes Large PCB holders in two pieces to hold the PCB from bottom      side and prevent PCB damage during the heating proces .
  •   It also can be boast of it reliable and durable thermocouple which is embedded inside Flexi tube for easy placement over the     PCB. Jetronix-eco has two channels for thermocouple so you can merely obtain an accurate and instantaneous Temperature   reading.
  •  Better yet. Jetronix-eco equipped with 1 watt Led light lamp embedded inside Flexi tube for free easy placements .it gives the   user  high brightness led spot lights without the need for any external light source .
  •  The durable suction Pen of Jetronix-eco with its high power of 60 dpi to 90 dpi allows the user to automatically lift off a wide   variety  of components from the PCB during rework (lifting objects up to 150gm weight) .


Software Features

The software includes machine “firmware upload” mode for future updates, as well the software will be updated. The software also supports the following features,This BGA rework station is user-friendly and easy to operate! “Jetronix-Eco” software is designed to control the machine from the personal computer. The software allows more control and monitoring functions than the machine user interface.

  • Multi-stages control of the Process Profile through a personal computer.
  • Firmware uploading mode (boot-loading mode) for machine firmware upgrading.
  • Save and Run unlimited profiles to and from personal computer.
  • Import and Export the saved profiles on machine memory (up to 50 profiles).
  • Saving process graph for analyzing and enhance the profile parameter settings.
  • Temperature Safety set point to prevent applications over heating
  • Temperature Alarm set point as an audible warning.

Just try it and you will start wondering how I got with this very reasonable price this super BGA rework station. It is the time to save your money and to invest your rework time. Jetronix-eco is CE certified

  • Technical specifications of Jetronix-Eco:

Upper heater Power & type

230 VAC 400 watt-Jetronix(special made)

Upper heater size

80*80 mm

Lower heater power

230 VAC 2800 watt-Jetronix(special made)

Lower heater size

245*245 mm

Total power

3200 watt

Control Method

PID controlling method

Light source

Built in flexible tube 230V -1 Watt LED

Thermocouple type

K-type ,Built in Flex tube

LCD Type

128 *64 Pixel Graphical LCD

Power Supply

230 Volt AC,50/60 Hz.

USB connectivity

USB 2.0

Suction Pump

60 -90 dpi (Lifting power up to 150 gm.)

Cooling fan

Horizontal Cross flow Fan

Max. Application size

290* 315 mm


Built in 230 Volt fluctuation +/- 10%

Total weight

30 Kg.

  • Packing list of Jetronix-Eco:
  • Jetronix-eco Machine.
  • 3 Heaters.
  • USB Cable AB.
  • Suction Pen With nozzles.
  • 2 PCB Holders.
  • Safety fastener
  • Operation Manua.
  • Software user guide.
  • Start up guide in 6 different languages.
  • CD includes Visual manual.
  • Field of Applications:
    • BGA on Flex printed circuit.
    • PTH connectors, card slots and sockets.
    • Metal components housing.
    • Micro lead frame.
    • PBGA with heat sink.
    • Processor plastic sockets.
    • Metal Shielding.
    • CSP and fine pitches BGA.
    • Plastic PLCC.
    • Through- hole sockets.
    • Heavy Mass CCGA & CBGA.
    • Under fill or epoxy coated components.
    • QFN, VQFN and advanced design QFN.
    • Package over package (POP).
  • Jetronix-Eco Warranty:

1 year applied from date of purchase with lifetime full application & technical support.

Download the Jetronix-ECO user manual here

Download the full Jovy brochure here