2# in-line AXI

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The X2# is an advanced In-line X-ray inspection system designed for high-speed automatic inspection in production lines. Transmission X-ray technology is combined with patented Slice-Filter-Technology (SFT) for double-sided PCB assembly and component inspection. The X2# features fully automatic inspection based on a CAD compiled inspection list and uses an inspection model library for the test-strategy definition. The motion system as well as the image acquisition chain meets all demands of high-speed inspection.

​X-ray System Features

  • Flexible Inline AXI system
  • 3-axes programmable motion system with variable FOV
  • Maintenace free sealed tube and digital flatpanel technology
  • In-line pass through board handling with automatic width adjust
  • Automatic grey-level and geometrical calibration
  • Full product traceability via customized MES-Interface (incl. 1D/2D barocescan)
  • Optional: Combination with MatriX AOI module

Inspection speed

Transmission (2D)
3-4 images/sec

Microfocus X-ray source (sealed)



CMOS Flatpanel Detector
(14 bit, 1,5k x 1,5k, 75 µm)
CMOS Flatpanel Detector
(14 bit, 1k x 1k, 75 µm)
CMOS Flatpanel Detector
(14 bit, 2,3k x 2,3k, 50 µm)
TDI Line Scan
(12 bit, 2-4k, 48-96 µm)